Maggie Baugh

Maggie Baugh picked up the violin in 2006, when she was 6 years old, and began training in both classical violin, and fiddle.   In October, 2011, she borrowed her cousins guitar to work on the first song in her head.   Her first public performance on her cousin's guitar was in January, 2012, only 3 months later.  


In 2013, Maggie Baugh performed at over 70 venues and events, including fairs, festivals, charity events and major venues.  Maggie spent the summer of 2013 in Nashville recording her first album, Only Good Things, which has 8 original songs, 2 written by her producer, Steve Thomas, and an Alabama tribute song, Mountain Music.  Upon returning to school in August of 2013, Maggie filmed her first music video, Middle School, at her school, Boca Raton Community Middle School.


2014 started with a bang for Maggie Baugh!   In January, Maggie played on stage with Neal McCoy during the Trace Adkins Country Cruise!   In March, Maggie Baugh played “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, live, on stage with Charlie Daniels in Weston Florida, in front of 10,000 people.  Maggie Baugh also opened for John Anderson at the Broward Airboat Show!   


Maggie Baugh continues to perform original songs and covers on guitar, and play her fiddle at every opportunity.  Maggie Baugh is an avid songwriter and musician, spending hours on her guitar, and fiddle.   





Run by the Clock is an original Maggie Baugh song, about how a disease effects a family, and how you can cope with it. Maggie's brothers, CJ and Sammy, have glycogen storage disease (GSD). GSD is a genetic metabolic disease that effects the liver, and prevents proper processing of glycogen. Basically, GSD is constant hypoglycemia = low blood sugar.