I just finished listening to you on the radio interview about visiting the wounded vets. God bless you for all the work that you have done and will keep doing. I always loved you most of all when you were w/ the Yankees. I was very sorry to see you go. I still enjoy seeing you play and even when you get a good hit off a Yankee pitcher. You are always fun to watch and it was great to hear about the human side of you taking care of our wounded warriors. John keep up the good work and keep hitting 'em. You are what a true American sports is giving back to our wonderful country. Thanks again!

Hi my name is Jeff, I was severely injured in Afghanistan and have a very hard past 5 years. I just heard about all the help you have done for the wounded warrior project and I just wanted to say thank you. As someone who has been helped out a lot by this program it means a lot to hear about the support you give this great organization. Thanks again


Hello Mr. Damon, my name is Bill and I am a big Yankee fan. However, I am an even bigger fan of your work for the wounded warrior project, and I have been so moved by the work you have done for our veterans, I was wondering what I could do to help get involved with your foundation. Please let me know, I too feel a great debt is owed to these men and women, and we as a society have done nothing to repay the sacrifices they have made for us. Thank you for your time.


Hey man thanks for everything you do for WWP. I'm an OIF veteran and got involved with WWP about 2 years ago. Again thanks for all you do and good luck rest of season!


l went to the game in Houston last year and you signed my baseball for me, then in September of last year, my dad took me to see you guys play at old Yankee Stadium, but it wasn't the best of times for me because at that time, hurricane Ike hit and ruined everything that I owned. I just wanted to tell you that because you always go out there and do your best everyday and always smile, that means alot and makes me smile and happy to see you doing what you love.


Hi there, my family and I were at a game last august and Johnny gave my boys a ball, asked them if they were brothers, told them to share the ball and to behave themselves! They are 4 and 8 years old.


Hey Johnny. My name is Jean and baseball is my life. I am the starting center fielder for my team. All my life I have looked up to you because I stutter as well as you do. It's always been my dream to get to meet you and ask you how you can be interviewed on TV when you know millions of people are watching. My stutter at times doesn't allow me to cheer my own teammates on, which stinks. Thank you and keep it up, you're doing a great thing for all of us who stutter.


My three grandchildren and I have deemed Johnny as our favorite player. As a senior citizen, I am so impressed with his demeanor, which is above reproach, and he is certainly a good role model for our youth. God Bless, we hope you're a Yankee forever!


Thank you for giving me your batting gloves at the Red Sox vs. Yankees game in Fenway Park, June 9, 2009. I gave one to the kid beside me because he came from South Carolina to see you, thanks so much for making me so happy. I had pneumonia and my mom almost made me stay home!
Thanks again, Johnny!

Gary, age 10


My name is Alicia. My husband is currently serving our country in Iraq. His platoon is full of Yankee fans and wanted to let Johnny and the Yankees know that they are supporting their favorite team from 7000 miles away. It is actually the only sanity and escape that most of them have. I personally wanted to say thank you to Johnny for all of the support that he gives to our troops. Our troops are often forgotten. so thank you Johnny for keeping their spirits high. My husband and I and all of his platoon truly appreciate it!


God bless you Johnny for what you do for the children and veterans.


Absolutely awesome website!! A very long time coming but worth the wait. I am a long time fan of Johnny's, 8 yrs. now. I've contributed in the past to the Wounded Warriors by buying backpacks on the web site and I've contributed to Johnny's foundation by buying his jewelry. How can I continue to support these wonderful charities? Thank you!


Hi Johnny,
My name is Lisa and I live in Maine. I am 16 and am a huge yankee fan. I just wanted to tell you that I think what you are doing for the disadvantaged children is really great. I have always been a huge fan of yours, ever since you joined MLB, but now I am an even bigger fan since you are a Yankee. Thanks for being such a great role model and keep up the good work. Go Yankees!!